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NeT4gains provides professional and affordable web designing services using latest tools. Our website designs are well suited for small and medium business. We design website keeping search engines in mind and designs are seo compatible. For us there are three major aspects that rule the designing of a Website.

Business objectives, user interaction with website, and resource limitations.

Our website designers can make choices that not only have solid usability or aesthetic values, but sound business or technological advantages too. The designing team is balanced in various aspects of web design as well as development.

Before our website designer start working on a website design task, following is clearly worked out.

arrowsKnow the primary goals of the Website before beginning the design process.
arrowsSet performance goals that includes the overall information retrieval success rate ( ie website navigation) and the time to find specific information, or preference goals that address satisfaction and acceptance by users.
arrowsDo not rely exclusively on the initial design ideas of one person or group for a Website.
arrowsUse an iterative, or repeated, design approach to create the most useful and usable Web ite by developing and testing prototypes.


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