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Why Your Site Should Have Twitter Followers?


Having Twitter Followers on your site does help your business grow and prosper. Many companies and businesses have been using twitter to promote, connect and brand themselves among the lot. In fact, if you're not using twitter then your business has left out the most important tool that could help it fight the stiff competition these days. Here are the reasons why your site should have twitter followers:

Connect with your customers, make use of their feedback

Twitter enables you to connect with your customers. Today, twitter has become a daily routine and many people are so twitter savvy that when they get in the morning, the first thing they do is logging into their twitter account! When your site has twitter followers, all their remarks about your business-good or bad, show up in your company's twitter account. This will help your company understand what your customers expect from you. You can develop your business to be more liked and loved among your customers.


It is no secret that branding does help businesses attain an identity to grow upon. When your business reaches further online, the better are its chances to flourish. Every business cannot be a Dell or Nike the very first day it begins. You can try connecting with people with a personal account to begin with; show up your logo as you grow and affirm the brand awareness created by you.

Marketing: give news; give away your coupons and promotions

Having twitter followers for your website helps you market your products/services. The best part of twitter marketing is that it is FREE; you don't need to pay anything unless you are hiring someone to run your twitter account! Give your twitter followers the news and latest updates about your company by tweets. Tweet about new deals, coupons and promotions that help your business an extra boost. Everyone loves to get a good deal, a promotional sale, a discount coupon and such other things.

Have a close look on your competitors

When you know what your twitter followers have to say on your competitors, you are virtually spying on your competitors! You can develop new strategies with your business to fight the competition.

Go viral, increase sales and build brand loyalty

Having a good number of twitter followers can help your popularity go viral. Twitter can help you increase your sales in exponential terms! Even popular and large brands like Dell rely on twitter for their promotional tweets and increasing their sales. Engage with your customers and help get the best they deserve; they will be loyal to your brand as long as you keep doing this.
Creating a twitter profile for you and making use of its various features is easy. With an ever growing popularity, twitter is all set to help your business become more visible online. It is up to you how well you can use twitter in promoting your business prospects.


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