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We continuously endeavor to serve new markets. We need solid support of business associates and partners without whom we can not develop business further. We like to make our offerings more and more useful to our customers. Our relationships with our partners are always long term under the basic guideline of establishing mutually beneficial bonds. Trust, commitment and quality foster our relationships with our partners we help our partners in complementing their offerings, and get their help in providing one-source solutions to our clients. Our strategic alliances with our partners help us in strengthening our capabilities and market reaches. We partner with other organizations with the aim of identifying areas to complement our offerings for our customers.We create various opportunities for partners - business development, product line diversification, costs reduction and etc. We propose a flexible choice of the engagement level - you can dedicate to it as much time and resources as you wish.We create a real-time communication bridge to enable joint processing of customers' requirements and timely provision of our offshore software services.

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