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Offshore Staffing


NeT4gains provides cost-effective software development through an offshore facility in India for small to mid-size companies that want to cut their development cost. Clients can achieve up to 40% cost savings compared to on-site technical staffing. This service model is called Offshore Staffing. The offshore team is dedicated to you, works only for you, and you are in complete control

Get the following key benefits by utilizing our offshore staffing services:

arrowsNo employee expenses (PCs, office supplies, space, taxes)
arrowsNo HR expenses
arrowsHighly skilled, experienced, world-class software engineers, web developers, QA engineers
arrowsDedicated resources available 24/7
arrowsSkill sets exactly according to your staffing needs
arrowsLarge pool to select resources

What we provide


arrowsPermanent and temporary staffing solutions for offshore software development
arrowsSearching, testing, interviewing and hiring candidates
arrowsOpportunity to approve all contracting candidates before working on your projects
arrowsComputers, network and professional office space for each contracted employee
arrowsComplete dedication of the hired contractor to your technical development needs

As the world has become a Global village - companies of all sizes need to analyse the offshore option. Future of most businesses depends upon the most successful employment of technology, no matter the geography.

Because of increasingly offshore businesses and the growing model of "offshore development ", global software development is no longer restricted to the large corporations. Many traditional barriers to the use of offshore providers have been minimized, if not eliminated, by advances in communication, technology, and processes. While it would be extremely simple to argue that offshore business does not require unique considerations, but it would be also be equally unimaginative to rule out any IT strategy with the potential to save 30-50% in project costs.

What IT buyers at the mid- and small-company size require is a framework for exploring this new model and evaluating the impact on their current and future needs. Taken in all, a classic case of "market development" is needed to deliver the value of offshore development to all stack holders.

A common mistaken belief is that the "dedicated offshore software development team" is the best approach for clients that have projects that are critical in time, scope, and technical or intellectual property considerations. We assure our clients time project delivery through advanced Project Management procedures, a quality service with rights of Intellectual property at all core software development and any other work done. We achieve this through the following measures.

arrowsProfessional environment
arrowsSecure internet technologies, encryption, and virtual private networks
arrowsUse of tools to manage projects, tasks, and documents between your managers and offshore team members
arrowsOffshore team members conduct themselves as if they were your employees, and adopt your corporate culture, values and goals

We can help you in a variety of different areas and technical specialties, including:

arrowsSoftware/Product Development
arrowsProduct Development
arrowsDatabase Administration
arrowsProject Management
arrowsSystem Analysis
arrowsTesting and Quality Assurance
arrowsTechnical Support
arrowsWeb Development and Design
arrowsTechnical Writing

How we would proceed


After to your request, we will collect the resumes or select the resources from our already available pool of professionals who possess the relevant technologies and skill sets according to your requirements.

We will quote the prices on monthly rate according to the technical level, programming expertise required, and the project scope. At the commencement of this partnership, we will communicate directly so that the offshore team members can respond promptly working in conjunction with your team.


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