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Why should you get "Facebook Likes"


You will find plenty of tutorials on 'How to add a Facebook like Button to your site or blog.' Once you learn it, this becomes an easy process. But have you ever thought over why should a site have these Facebook likes?

When your business's Facebook is well- "Like" d by your clients, this helps your brand gain major exposure, communicate well with a targeted audience and cultivate relationships with them. Here is the list of advantages that your site will have if they had Facebook likes:

Helps building your brand

When you amass as many Facebook Likes as possible, a lot is added to your brand through Facebook's market value! Web users are very familiar with Facebook and they have already established their deep relationship with Facebook's buttons, fonts and colors. This trust will flow into your business, website and all the information you send them.

Enhance your visibility

When persons like your business's Facebook page, it shows on their personal profile's wall and also in their newsfeed. Very soon, their friends will also see this and decide to click on their "Like" in order to check out the page their friends have liked. This click will lead more visitors to your business's Facebook page.

Build relationships

Once more and more people visit your business's Facebook page and 'Like' it, a status update is posted on their profile's wall and their newsfeed by your business. So, if your business's Facebook has 500 fans, then all of your updates are posted in these 500 Facebook fans' newsfeeds. Whenever an update has a great content, you are more likely to have more Facebook likes, more comments and more shares as well. This interaction helps in building customer loyalty and your content is spread virally through Facebook.

Communicate with the targeted audience

When you have gained a wider audience base through Facebook Likes, use the power that Facebook has given you. Send direct messages (much similar to emails) to your fans' Facebook pages. You can specifically target the right audience based on their location, age, gender and preferences while sending messages about your new or existing services/products. However, you are advised to send direct messages sparingly (once or twice in a month) to avoid irritating your Facebook fans. Instead, you can opt posting updates more often (once or twice in a day).
There is a simple reason why Facebook's 'Like' is preferred more against 'Share'. A "Like" button is less intimidating and people are ready to click 'Like' as they prefer to like more than what they would like to 'Share.' However, when your site has both "Facebook Likes" and Shares", your content is easily shared by many readers across the social networks.

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